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Activity 2.6: Individualism-Collectivism Scale
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Activity 2.6: Individualism-Collectivism Scale

The source of this scale is: T. M. Singelis, H. C. Triandis, D. P.S. Bhawuk, and M. J. Gelfand, "Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Individualism and Collectivism: A Theoretical and Measurement Refinement," Cross-Cultural Research 29 (August 1995), pp. 240-75.

Cross-cultural values have become an important part of organizational life due to globalization and an increasingly multicultural workforce. Organizational behaviour researchers have studied several cross-cultural values, but none has had as much attention as the two measured in this self-assessment: individualism and collectivism.
       Read each of the statements in this instrument and select the response that you believe best indicates how well these statements describe you.

I often do "my own thing"
The well-being of my coworkers is important to me.
One should live one's life independently of others.
If a coworker gets a prize, I would feel proud.
I like my privacy.
If a relative were in financial difficulty, I would help within my means.
I prefer to be direct and forthright when discussing with people.
It is important to maintain harmony within my group..
I am a unique individual.
I like sharing little things with my neighbors.
What happens to me is my own doing.
I feel good when I cooperate with others.
When I succeed, it is usually because of my abilities.
My happiness depends very much on the happiness of those around me.
I enjoy being unique and different from others in many ways.
To me, pleasure is spending time with others.

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