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Human Communication
Judy C. Pearson, North Dakota State University
Paul E. Nelson, North Dakota State University
Scott Titsworth, Ohio University, Athens
Lynn Harter, Ohio University, Athens

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Communication
Chapter 2: Perception, Self, and Communication
Chapter 3: Verbal Communication
Chapter 4: Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 5: Listening
Chapter 6: Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 7: Intercultural Communication
Chapter 8: Interviewing
Chapter 9: Small Group Communication
Chapter 10: Organizational Communication
Chapter 11: Mediated Communication
Chapter 12: Communication Apprehension and Credibility
Chapter 13: Topic Selection and Audience Analysis
Chapter 14: Finding Information
Chapter 15: Outlining
Chapter 16: Delivery & Visual Resources
Chapter 17: Informative Presentations
Chapter 18: Persuasive Presentations