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Chapter Quiz
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To monitor security, IU Police are surveying the number of students in the Atwater Parking Garage each 30 minutes for a 24-hour period, to help determine when patrols would be most helpful to students. The number of students in the lot is an example of
A)a categorical random variable.
B)a continuous random variable.
C)a discrete random variable.
D)a parameter.
Which of the following represents an ordinal level of measurement or data?
A)Fish, Cats, Dogs
B)1:00, 2:00, 3:00
C)Nominal, Ordinal, Interval
D)Basketball Jersey numbers 23, 33, 43
A survey was mailed to a total of 400 students; 100 were randomly selected from each of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes last semester. What sampling method was used?
A)cluster sample
B)stratified sample
C)systematic sample
D)simple random sample
Professor Hardtack chose a sample of 7 students from his statistics class of 35 students by picking every student who was wearing red that day. Which kind of sample is this?
A)Simple random sample.
B)Judgment sample.
C)Systematic sample.
D)Convenience sample
Which of the following is true?
A)Complete populations are often inaccessible.
B)We use samples because we want absolute accuracy.
C)We usually have plenty of time to do a study.
D)If a population is large, it is usually better to obtain statistical information from the entire population.
Which statement is false?
A)Random dialing phone surveys have low response and are poorly targeted.
B)Selection bias means that many respondents dislike the interviewer.
C)Simple random sampling requires a list of the population.
D)Web surveys are economical but suffer from non-response bias.
Which variable is least likely to be regarded as ratio data?
A)Length of time required for a randomly-chosen vehicle to cross a toll bridge (minutes).
B)Weight of a randomly-chosen casting in a foundry (kilograms).
C)Number of fatalities in a randomly-chosen airline disaster (persons).
D)Supervisor's rating of a randomly-chosen employee's performance (Likert scale).
Which of the following is quantitative data?
A)Your gender.
B)The brand of cell phone you own.
C)Whether or not you have an American Express card.
D)The fuel economy (MPG) of your car.
Your rating of the food served on your most recent airline flight (using a scale of 0 = gross, 1 = decent, 2 = yummy) is ___________ data.
Which statement is correct?
A)Likert scales are interval only if scale distances are meaningful.
B)Cross-sectional data are measured over time (e.g., by year, month, etc.).
C)A census is preferable to a sample for most business problems.
D)Stratified samples are usually cheaper than other methods.
Which is most nearly correct regarding sampling error?
A)It can be eliminated by increasing the sample size.
B)It can be eliminated by using Excel's =RANDBETWEEN function.
C)It can be eliminated by utilizing systematic random sampling.
D)It cannot be eliminated because of the nature of sampling.
A hospital selects thirty patient folders from a filing cabinet containing 812 patient folders by choosing every 27th patient folder. Which sampling method is this?
A)Simple random sample.
B)Systematic sample.
C)Stratified sample.
D)Cluster sample.
Which is a time series?
A)The M1 component of the U.S. money supply (n = 20 quarters).
B)The unemployment rates for the U.S. states (n = 50 states).
C)The Gross Domestic Product for the E.U. members (n = 15 nations).
D)The inflation rate for housing in U.S. metropolitan areas (n = 46 cities).

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