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Foundations of Financial Management, 14/e

Stanley B. Block, Texas Christian University
Geoffrey A. Hirt, DePaul University
Bartley R. Danielsen, North Carolina State University

ISBN: 0073530727
Copyright year: 2011


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For instructors:

  • Instructor’s Manual with Solutions: Revised to help the instructor integrate the graphs, tables, perspectives, transparencies, and problems into a lecture format. Each chapter opens with a brief overview and a review of key chapter concepts. The chapter is then outlined in an annotated format to be used as an in-class reference guide by the instructor. The manual, revised by Block/Hirt/Danielsen and Wendall Bragg, DeVry University, also includes detailed solutions to all of the problems, set in larger type font to facilitate their reproduction as transparencies for the classroom. Additional comprehensive problems and solutions are also included. The authors have completed the solutions manual to ensure consistency with the text.
  • Solutions in Excel: New to this edition, all end-of-chapter solutions are also available in Excel. Instructors can use them as-is or change numbers in the spreadsheets to demonstrate cause and effect analysis.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Contains lecture outlines and selected exhibits from the book in a four-color, electronic format that you can customize for your own lectures.
  • Test Bank: This includes 1,500 multiple-choice and true/false questions, with revisions made by Sally Wells, Columbia College, that correspond to the revisions in the 14th edition. Also included are quiz sets and matching quizzes. Each question is labeled with learning objective to which it applies, level of difficulty, AACSB Knowledge Categories, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. New to this edition, the problems include worked-out solutions. The test bank is available in Word files and in McGraw-Hill's flexible electronic testing program EZ Test Online ( EZ Test Online allows you to easily create tests or quizzes by selecting questions from multiple McGraw-Hill test banks or author their own, and then either print the test for paper distribution or give it online. This user-friendly program allows instructors to sort questions by format; edit existing questions or add new ones; and scramble questions for multiple versions of the same test. You can export your tests for use in WebCT, Blackboard, PageOut and Apple’s iQuiz. Sharing tests with colleagues, adjuncts, TAs is easy! Instant scoring and feedback is provided and EZ Test’s grade book is designed to easily export to your grade book.
  • Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Cases: This includes a brief synopsis of the purpose of each case from the Casebook, its relation to the text, and its level of complexity. Detailed solutions to the end-of-case questions are also provided. Two new cases are featured in this edition.

For students:

  • Excel templates There are templates for select exhibits (“live” Excel), as well as various end of chapter problems that have been set as Excel spreadsheets—all denoted by an icon. They correlate with specific concepts in the text and allow students to work through financial problems and gain experience using spreadsheets.
  • Online Quizzes These multiple-choice questions are provided as an additional testing and reinforcement tool for students. Each quiz is organized by chapter to test the specific concepts presented.
  • Study Guide and Workbook (0077316266) This valuable resource, created by Dwight C. Anderson, Louisiana Tech University, provides chapter summaries, outlines with page references, and additional problems and multiple-choice questions with solutions for practice.
  • Cases (0077316177) These 31 cases, written by Block/Hirt/Danielsen, are ideal for in-depth analysis and facilitate an integrated understanding of the topics presented in the book.
  • Connect Finance - McGraw-Hill’s Connect Finance is an online assignment and assessment solution that connects students with the tools and resources they’ll need to achieve success. Connect Finance gives instructors the power to create assignments, practice, tests, and quizzes online, while saving time! Connect Finance provides the problems directly from the end-of-chapter problems and Test Bank from Block, Foundations of Financial Management so instructors can easily create assignments and tests and deliver them to students. Connect Finance also grades assignments automatically, provides instant feedback to students, and securely stores all student results. Detailed results let instructors see at a glance how each student performs and easily track the progress of every student in your course. To learn more about Connect Finance
  • Connect Plus Finance - Connect Plus Finance gives students access to an integrated eBook, allowing for anytime, anywhere access to the textbook. With each homework problem directly mapped to the topic in the book, the student is only one click away from the textbook. The eBook also includes a powerful search function that allows students to quickly scan the entire book for relevant topics.
  • Create - Craft your teaching resources to match the way you teach! With McGraw-Hill Create,, you can easily rearrange chapters, combine material from other content sources, and quickly upload content you have written like your course syllabus or teaching notes. Find the content you need in Create by searching through thousands of leading McGraw-Hill textbooks. Arrange your book to fit your teaching style. Create even allows you to personalize your book’s appearance by selecting the cover and adding your name, school, and course information. Order a Create book and you’ll receive a complimentary print review copy in 3–5 business days or a complimentary electronic review copy (eComp) via email in about one hour. Go to today and register.
  • Cartridges: WebCT, Blackboard, Angel, Moodle, and Desire2Learn course cartridges allow you to manage your course and administer online examinations.
  • Tegrity Campus is a service that makes class time available 24/7 by automatically capturing every lecture in a searchable format for students to review when they study and complete assignments. With a simple one-click start-and-stop process, you capture all computer screens and corresponding audio. Students can replay any part of any class with easy-to-use browser-based viewing on a PC or Mac. To learn more about Tegrity, watch a 2-minute Flash demo at
  • Online e-book via CourseSmart: Through CourseSmart, students can access their printable e-book from any computer that has internet service without plug-ins or special software. Access to the CourseSmart e-book is 1 year. CourseSmart e-books allow students to highlight, take notes, organize notes, and share the notes with other CourseSmart users. CourseSmart allows students to try 1 chapter of the e-book, free charge, before purchase.

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