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Stephen L. Slavin

ISBN: 007731719x
Copyright year: 2011


The Supplement Package

The Economics supplement package has been streamlined and updated for the tenth edition. In addition to updated online quizzes, the Test Bank is tagged for Learning Objectives, AACSB categories, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. Also, the PowerPoint presentations for each chapter have been revised to increase relevance and clarity.

Instructor’s Manual

This provides instructors with ideas on how to use the text, includes a description of the text’s special features, a chapter-by-chapter discussion of material new to the tenth edition, and a rundown of chapter coverage to help them decide what they can skip. Also found here are the answers to the workbook questions and questions for thought and discussion at the end of each chapter of the text, as well as chapter worksheets and worksheet solutions.

Mark Maier, who has used the text for several editions, took over the Instructor’s Manual in the sixth edition, and has added sections on chapter objectives, ideas for use in class, and homework questions and projects (including scores of very useful websites) for each chapter. The Instructor’s Manual provides a rich source of interesting ideas of classroom activities and discussions involving concepts and issues included in the text.

Test Bank

The test bank includes thousands of multiple-choice questions, fill-in questions, and problems tagged to Learning Objectives, AACSB categories, and Bloom’s Taxonomy. My thanks to Jerry Dunn and Ralph May from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, who have kept the test bank current, culling outdated questions and adding new ones.

Computerized Testing

A comprehensive bank of test questions is provided within a computerized test bank powered by McGraw-Hill's flexible electronic testing program EZ Test Online ( EZ Test Online supplies instructors with the capability to create tests or quizzes in this easy to use program!

Instructors can select questions from multiple McGraw-Hill test banks or author their own, and the either print the test for paper distribution or supply it online. This user-friendly program allows instructors to sort questions by format; edit existing questions or add new ones; and scramble questions for multiple versions of the same test. You can export your tests for use in WebCT, Blackboard, and PageOut. Sharing tests with colleagues, adjuncts, TAs is easy! Instant scoring and feedback is provided and EZ Test’s grade book is designed to easily export to your grade book.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are available and can be customized by the professor for length and level. Deborah M. Figart and Ellen Mutari of Richard Stockton College of New Jersey have done a great job updating and revising these presentations to highlight the most important concepts from each chapter.

Digital Image Library

All the graphs from the text are available in chapter-specific files for easy download. These images will aid in classroom presentations and the student’s understanding.


A selection of videos is available to adopters, including both tutorial lessons and programs that combine historical footage, documentary sequences, interviews, and analysis to illustrate economic theory. A series of videos produced by Paul Solman, business and economics correspondent for the Lehrer News Hour and WGBH Boston, covers the core topics in economics.


Some of the text’s unique qualities are incorporated in a dynamic new website. Updated online multiple-choice quizzes, revised by Ellen Mutari, serve to reinforce the material covered in every chapter. Also available on the website are new pre- and posttests, created by Deborah Figart. These online multiple-choice quizzes emphasize the chapter Learning Objectives and offer further reinforcement of important chapter concepts.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.