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George Orwell


You're ready to use the web to learn more about Orwell. These George Orwell resources will get you started. These include links to biographies, images, texts, and quotes, as well as a photo.

Here's an excerpt from the biography, George Orwell: A Life. What did you learn about Orwell from it that you didn't know before?

You might want to start with a standalone biography. Here's a brief one at, which has some hyperlinks and is followed by an Orwell bibliography.


Did you know that this author has been a fairly frequent contributor to film? Here are some links to reviews of the 1984 adaptation of 1984. Find one online and read it. What did you learn about the book from the review?

Interested in what other Orwellians have on their minds? A message board is a good place to find out. This one is called the George Orwell Forum Frigate and it's worth a look, maybe even a post or two.

Do you like to collect books? This page revolves around collecting Orwell's works, and also includes some Orwellian links. Speaking of collecting books....

This is the homepage for an exhibition of Orwell's works from the Daniel J. Leab collection at Brown University. What do you think of Orwell's handwriting? Is this the kind of exhibit you'd be likely to visit in person?


How about some quotations by Orwell? Would you feel comfortable using these in a paper about the author? Why or why not? How would you cite them? If you don't know, how would you find out?

Want to know how to make a perfect cup of tea? Of course you do. Take a look at Orwell's approach. Be warned: it takes eleven steps, and even then, some "controversial points" arise.

For a streamlined approach to Orwell bibliographies, why don't you visit the relevant directory at